Through my design career and studying MDes Interior Design; Interior Architecture and Spatial Design, I have developed a specific interest in how light and site orientation can inform internal architectural spaces and have built a wide range of well-developed design skills. Through primary and secondary research, I interrogate the circumstances of a project in order to inform the design process and establish a design direction. I value the importance of exploration of ideas through sketching and concept modelling and believe that the visual documentation of design development is crucial to communication within a professional team and with a client.  

I am tenacious, and strive to achieve my best in all I do. I have exceptional visualisation and model making skills that enable effective communication of the design process and final outcome. I value constructive criticism and understand that it is important to build on feedback from others in order to reach a considered design outcome. My professional experience has facilitated the development of a confident presentation style, and enabled me to gain experience of a professional architecture and design environment. I also have a vast amount of experience in building relationships with clients, and have developed skills in both group and one-to-one client presentations. 

I have a strong work ethic and excellent organisational and time management skills that enabled me to achieve outstanding academic and creative results in my design career. I am very confident and am never afraid to be pro-active and use my initiative when making decisions. I am exceptionally independent, but am also dependable and cooperative when working with others. I have strong leadership skills and thrive under pressure. However I am very sensitive and approachable and this has enabled me to build positive client and colleague relationships in work placements and paid designer roles. My excellent communication skills, combined with my adaptability, flexibility and willingness to learn will enable me to merge into any professional team with ease. 

Extensive international travel has inspired a desire to conserve the environment, whilst also promoting innovative design. This respect for the environment is something that influences all my design work and I hope to continue to explore environmental conservation throughout my career. International travel has also enabled me to empathise with different points of view and approach problems from different angles. I also have a strong interest in health and fitness ,which teaches me self-discipline and motivation that benefits my design work. 

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