Extensive international travel has inspired a strong desire to promote the conservation of the environment, but I also recognise that it is important to allow for social and economic growth. As a result, I have devoted much of my time to exploring innovative construction techniques and materials that encourage ecological design, but also allow for social and economic prosperity. This respect for the environment is something that influences all my design work and I hope to continue to explore environmental conservation throughout my career.

I have developed a specific interest in how light and site orientation can inform internal architectural spaces, and have a thorough understanding of how light and shadow affects our architectural experiences. It is my belief that architecture can sometimes reflect a fight between humankind and nature, and I believe that in order to combat this problem, architecture and the internal spaces should respond to the environment from which they arise.

I have a First Class Honours degree, MDes Interior Design: Interior Architecture and Spatial Design. Throughout my time at university, I achieved four academic scholarships and was also awarded a Master's research travel scholarship for my final major project proposal. 


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